About Kimiya Afrooz

Kimiya Afrooz co. (KAC) is one of the subsidiaries of Kimiya holding in Iran.
This holding consists of 5 chemical companies with more than 30 years experience in Research, producing and exporting chemical products from Iran.

we are one of famous exporter of chemical stuff in Iran and overseas which has been established in Wednesday, December 21, 1994 with register number 109877 , We specialist in sourcing exclusive and difficult to find raw materials and getting them to our customers efficiently. KACs knowledge of the local market, combined with our global contacts, enables us to provide complete sourcing services. KACs global contacts, knowledge of the relevant chemistry and the industry, up to date technology, and the direct links to manufacturers allow us to offer high quality products at very competitive prices. we offer a complete range of distribution, import, export, and sourcing services. Please explore our site and learn more about KAC history, and how we developed to become one of the best chemical raw material suppliers in Iran. Over the years, we have learned, improved, and advanced much in our field.