Ethyl alcohol (Ethanol) 96% medical grade

It is colorless, clear liquid with molecular weight of 46/07 which dissolves in water at any ratio. It has a distinct, biting odor; it boils at 78/3 0C in normal conditions and it is solidified in -112 0C.It has %96 ethanol volume and burns with a blue flame and it produces CO2 and water.

  • Country of Origin: Iran
  • Term of payment: TT in advance or Confirmed Irrevocable LC by a first class bank
  • Package: 1 liter amber glass bottle/as requested of the buyer for exporting
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In Chemistry, Ethanol is any chemical compound in which one hydroxyl group (–OH) that is bound to carbon has one alkyl. Ethanol is one of the most important chemical compounds and participates in various reactions and many chemical compounds are created from it.

Ethanol is a colorless and volatile fluid and has a strong odor which is resulted from the fermentation of sugar.

Hydrated Ethanol with a 96.5% Degree of Purity

This substance is produced through the fermentation of the sugar available in sugarcane and beetroot molasses in an anaerobic environment with controlled temperature and PH by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. During the next stage, this alcoholic molasses fluid is delivered to related distillation columns for the separation of the product and finally is removed from the system with a 96.5% degree and delivered to be used in related industries. The production line of the company, equipped with all necessary equipments and installations, extracts all ethanol impurity from the main product (%96.5 Ethanol). Besides producing medical ethanol as the main product, two other products, industrial ethanol and fusel oil, are also produced.

Notes(s) Pharmaco’s Specific Gravity, Relative Density, Assay and Proof is more stringent than those listed in their respective monographs (USP/EP/BP) In order to harmonize these specifications
Test Monograph Specification Result
Relative density Meets EP/BP & Conforms USP 0.805 – 0.812 @ 20 °C 0.8078
Assay (Ethanol) V/V (20°C) Harmonized USP/EP/BP 95.1 to 96.0 % by Volume 96.7 %
Identification test A USP/EP/BP It complies with the test for specific gravity.

It complies with the test for relative density.

Identification test B USP/EP/BP Conforms to IR Spectra Pass
Identification test C EP/BP An intense blue color appears on the paper and becomes paler after 10-15 minutes. Pass
Identification test D EP/BP A yellow precipitate is formed within 30 minutes. Pass
Color of solution USP The test solution has the appearance of water or is not more intensely colored than the standard solution. Pass
Clarity of solution USP Test solution A&B show the same clarity than of  water or their opalescence is not more pronounced than that of reference suspension A. Pass
Appearance EP/BP Colorless/Clear/Volatile/Flammable liquid/Hygroscopic Pass
Acidity or Alkalinity USP/EP/BP The solution is pink(30 ppm, expressed as acetic acid) Pass
Limit of nonvolatile residue USP/EP/BP Less than 2.5 mg of residue (25ppm) <10 ppm
Residue on Evaporation
Volatile impurities USP/EP/BP Methanol

Sum of Acetal and Acetaldehyde


Heavy Alcohols

8.5 ppm

<1 ppm

22 ppm

83.5 ppm