Kimiya Afrooz Co LTD, is one of famous suppliers of chemical and detergent raw materials in Iran that have exclusive representative agency from several major Australian, Thai and Malaysian companies for several years.

Our company has very good relationship with many of cosmetic manufacturer in Iran and they can supply their required products from our company.

Here, you can find some specifications of our inedible beef Tallows. (Top White Tallow, Fancy Grade and Laundry Grade)

If you are interested to these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For consumption in margarine, soap, animal food and oleo-chemical industries. Products include: Top White, Extra Fancy, Bleachable Fancy, Laundry Grade, Feed Fats, Yellow Grease.

Top White Tallow

Titre 41 deg C min,
FFA 3% max,
MIU 1% max
FAC 3 max
Bleach: 0.4 red
Moisture: 0.1 %
Unsaponifiable Matter: 0.28%
Iodine Value: 49
Saponification Value: 190

Lundry Grade

Titre 30 deg C min,
FFA 75% max,
MIU 3% max

Country of Origin: Australia
Packing: in sound clean second-hand steel drums or Flexibag
Term of payment: TT in advance or Confirmed Irrevocable LC by a first class bank